Assalamu Alaikum and Peace be upon you!

Welcome to Imam Shamsi Ali’s personal website.

Imam Ali is a well-known community leader and activist in New York and beyond. Through his efforts to educate the larger American community about Islam, he seeks to promote and foster understanding, empathy and compassion necessary for bridging and strengthening community ties.

Learn more about his work and initiatives, and feel free contact him with any questions.

Thank you!


Imam Shamsi’s mission is to foster understanding and promote peace among Muslims and the general New York community. Not only does he serve members of the Muslim community, but he is also very active in engaging the media and engaging the community as a whole.

Most recently, he has participated in several community projects aimed at sending a message of tolerance and compassion.

To learn more about these projects, please visit the links below:
Imam on a Mission Project (a multimedia project completed by Columbia University students)
Charter for Compassion an initiative inspired by the renowned author and scholar, Karen Armstrong, made possible by the Fetzer institute)

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