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Indonesian envoy meets prominent Muslim scholar

Gulf Times - 3 weeks ago
According to the Indonesian Embassy official Boy Dharmawan, Imam Ali has received the prestigious non-military gold medal which is one of the highest awards recognised by US government to native-born...

A rabbi in King Hamad's court preaches Torah of interfaith tolerance

The Times of Israel - 3 days ago
Schneier also co-authored a 2013 book with Imam Shamsi Ali titled “Sons of Abraham: A Candid Conversation about the Issues That Divide and Unite Jews and Muslims” that was published by Beacon...

Kebangkitan Islam di Bumi Amerika

Republika Online - 1 week ago
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Imam Shamsi Ali, dalam ceramahnya di Islamic Center New York pada 4 Maret lalu mengibaratkan kehidupan sebagai samudra luas yang dipenuhi gelombang ombak. Dalam menjalani...

Shamsi Ali Akan Bangun Pesantren Pertama Di Amerika

RMOL.CO (Siaran Pers) - 2 weeks ago
RMOL. Indonesia yang merupakan negara dengan penduduk muslim terbesar di dunia memiliki tanggung jawab untuk menjelaskan kesalahpahaman dunia terhadap Islam khususnya di dunia Barat dan Amerika....

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