JK Sarapan Bareng Imam Masjid di New York Shamsi Ali

Detikcom (Siaran Pers) - 4 weeks ago
Di sela agendanya tersebut, JK menyempatkan diri sarapan bersama imam masjid di New York, Shamsi Ali. Keduanya sarapan bersama di tempat JK menginap, yakni di Hotel Westin Grand Central, New York,...

Israelis, Palestinians, Muslims, Jews: We All Share Responsibility for Peace | Opinion

Newsweek - 2 months ago
The two of us, an imam and a rabbi based in New York, have labored for more than a decade with other faith leaders from both communities to strengthen Muslim-Jewish relations across the United States...

Islam di Amerika: Tantangan dan Peluang

iNews - 3 weeks ago
Imam Shamsi Ali Presiden Nusantara Foundation. SEBAGAI putra bangsa yang telah lama hidup di Amerika, tepatnya di kota dunia New York, setiap kali ada peluang kembali kampung (mudik) pasti selalu...

Survey Of Jews And Muslims Finds Harmony, Discord

Jewish Week - 7 months ago
Imam Muhammad Shamsi Ali, left, of the Islamic Cultural Center of New York, and Rabbi Marc Schneier, the president of The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding and founding rabbi of The New York...

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