Are Interfaith Dialogues Being Exploited to Promote Islamist Bigotry ...

Middle East Forum - 2 weeks ago
Interfaith dialogue seems like such a noble cause. In this age of religious-inspired terror, what could be better than bringing preachers of different faiths together ...and...

Celebrating Bangladesh at International Night

Queens Chronicle ... - 2 months ago
The people and culture of Bangladesh were celebrated on April 24 at the annual Jamaica Estates Association International night.Imam Shamsi Ali, director of the ...and...

Muslim Holy Day on Sept. 11? Coincidence Stirs Fears

New York Times - 10 months ago
Shamsi Ali, the imam the Jamaica Muslim Center in Queens, said he planned to invite non-Muslims to attend his mosque's services on Eid al-Adha to learn about the holiday and Islam. Credit George...

Imam in New York strives to bring Indonesia's unique brand of Islam into the spotlight

Rappler - 10 months ago
NEW YORK CITY, United States – “Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.” Imam Shamsi Ali, a prominent inter-faith speaker and activist, opened his weekly Saturday class for Islamic...

Shamsi Ali: The rise and fall of a New York imam

BBC News - 4 yearss ago
Before the controversy that cut him down, Shamsi Ali was the leading figure of moderate Islam in New York, for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. For a decade, the biggest mosque in New York, the Islamic...

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